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A frog mirror what is suitable for face

by:Eugenia     2020-08-27
A frog mirror, sunglasses, big lens, light color, wind mu, sunscreen, are all the rage among young people in the city of 1980 s, espcially become fashionable men and women. Vintage sunglasses usually been called 'the frog mirror'. In the early 80 s, the frog mirror are some fashionable young people essential thing. At that time, this kind of things are very few, on market frog mirror mostly from Hong Kong or foreign country, so, can put on a pair of frog mirror street is the avant-garde fashion at the time. Weren't fashion and avant-garde these words, that is much less than the mainstream. Sunglasses factory 9001 frog mirror frog mirror what is suitable for face? Of course not anyone face wear frog mirror. Vintage frog mirror is wide, suitable for angular face, nose high friend. If you are a friend of square face or small round face, unfortunately the nose is not high enough, then try not to choose the frog mirror style restoring ancient ways. Among the frog mirror, among different colour and modelling, eye-catching is pink and black. Pink represents youth and vogue, while black represents old and heavy. Is given priority to with these two colors 'frog mirror' to the people of the world fully showed an ancient and modern blend of new Africa. And in the next 30 days, colorful, style novel 'frog mirror' will also witness together with fans in front of the TV every moment of the World Cup in South Africa. Frog mirror how to match? We will find the frog mirror lenses available in the market there are a lot of color, pure black lens fits a leather jacket, and is suitable for a slightly older men, not a mainstream style by style. Non-mainstream hipster suitable frog mirror, lens color can be light brown, gray, celadon, can also is a reflective coating. In this way can the frog mirror highlights the modern atmosphere, make public, there will be a kind of indomitable stubborn and domineering. We will find that boys both leisure suit and hip hop flavour is dye-in-the-wood dressed, wearing a suitable frog mirror, can let the boys overall exudes a star temperament. And the girl wearing the right frog mirror, not only feel the shine, will think this girl is special sweet taste. Frog mirror should be a love of the stars, although it can be covered in most of the face, but can not cover the eyes of the fans the penetrative, there are still a lot of stars secretly took the glasses when shopping. The general face really picky, plus it if the face is small, the bridge of the nose again, can try. Because a small face and big lens can form very bright contrast, on the whole can swap, form very individualizing effect. If be big face flat nose, only to laugh.
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