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A jiang yan winter relaxed capable mirror type leisure fashion beautiful and elegant

by:Eugenia     2020-08-09
A jiang yan exposes a set of winter airport street photos, khaki long jacket without collar above the neck curve relaxed and spell able sense. Within a little round collar ethnic wind stitching shirt and burrs of tall waist wide-legged jeans added fashion sense, ornament, MARC JACOBS sunglasses aura of new fund of 2016 autumn winters, slightly costly feeling, match wine red one shoulder inclined across the parcel and give a person shine at the moment of freshness, leisure wear bright such as winter warm sun. 马克·雅可布- MARC/s 100 sunglasses MARC JACOBS MARC 100 / s of 2016 autumn winters sunglasses, transparent and light is the essence of geometrical frame type metal sunglasses, represents the highest level of glasses process. The cat's eye shape frame of marc 100 / s using the structure of the laminated glass, mirror breakthrough are not only as a functional parts, more incarnation as part of the picture frame. Cohesion of the side frame and sheet metal mirror feet details in the innovation to the frame of a luxurious feeling. This article from complete glasses net, slightly modified, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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