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A lazy summer sunglasses + hat

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
It was so hot, don't want to move more don't want to wear makeup. A walk out into 'meat', a sun melts after makeup. Although the market out of so many so-called waterproof makeup, but hot day people lazy is the leading cause. Since from the inevitable that is inferior to find a way to the best of both worlds, the collocation of cap + sunglasses can be lazy summer, not only can prevent bask in can also hide too lazy to make up without makeup. Next let's look at these photos without makeup goddess how relaxed summer! ! ! ! Jessica Alba wearing a white vest, tie-in and tight black pants and short boots, wearing a black hat and aviator sunglasses, wide collocation is classic, high street snowboarding progresses. Anne Hathaway took brief paragraph sweater and wearing a word their knee-length skirt, waist looms sexy. A straw hat and dark glasses, and the overall full of fair maiden temperament of restoring ancient ways. Jennifer Lawrence in a gray T-shirt and a black skirt, foot flat sandals, wore a straw hat and a big round sunglasses, with simple random and fashion natural and unrestrained. Lady Gaga dressed in jumpsuits, with a long white coat, stamped on the blue high-heeled shoes, and blue hat set each other off becomes an interest, the graceful atmosphere, deserve to go up in a white box similar to the shape of the cat's eye sunglasses, aura! Nicky Hilton wearing chromatic stripe vest dress, wearing a black hat and wide circular fashion sunglasses, equipped with circular bag, stamped on the black shoes, languid is lazy in the casual grace. Anna Dello Russo wears big print dress with wide black hat and the color of camel's hair strap shoes, orange small hand bag in hand, eye wear reflective frog mirror, retro and modern.
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