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A proud ASOBIO Si variety sunglasses will teach you how to lose weight

by:Eugenia     2020-08-01
In the high bridge of the nose and the pointed chin 'net blush' s bad street, pie face not covered covered also embarrassed to go out! So pie face how should be covered? Best choice is sunglasses, of course! For Asian face flat, however, choose the wrong sunglasses from goddess turned into a female nerve points minutes. A proud ASOBIO Si sunglasses atmospheric contracted, classic fashion, and style very much, all face shape can help you to hollow out the little face. Do not believe, we'll see! 1, cat's eye sunglasses fit face recommendation: with a round face, diamond face four, the fifties last century effect of restoring ancient ways is the cat's eye sunglasses, can make you take all of a sudden become nifty and fashionable, individual character is dye-in-the-wood, unique to rise to good grooming face modelling, line up face change high visual effect, improve the doodle face and diamonds. 2, aviator sunglasses, suitable for face recommendation: heart-shaped face, square face, oval faces ASOBIO aviator sunglasses because of the gender in the design of the handsome, the joker, on the face is not high also, so highly favor fashion icon, in addition to the classic, to join the mirror surface colour design, more fashionable, summer is going to some color. Ray-ban sunglasses in same recommend that RB3025 unisex sunglass 112/17 blue gold box ( Colorful) 3, round sunglasses fit face recommendation: diamond square face, face, hand face ASOBIO round sunglasses, restoring ancient ways is very easy to build strong sense of style, different. But to restore ancient ways round sunglasses ride up or pick face oh. A round face and doodle face girl doesn't fit, take will only make your face look more flesh. If really don't want to give up, you can choose a pair of border the cat's eye oversize, just little face. Ray-ban sunglasses in same recommend that RB4242 unisex eyeglass frame 6201/13 brown 4, D type sunglasses fit face recommendation: round, oval, frame first type D sunglasses for men, women take up more handsome and smart. This kind of D shape sunglasses, because the line itself is enough hale and hearty, so not suitable for square face or the face of the edges and points. Instead of facial soft round face, long, flat face on which can highlight line feeling, achieve facial harmonious proportion, for show fashionable again. The same sunglasses recommendation: America OO9245 29 men sunglasses/tan lines/tea tablets 5 sunglasses for face, metal beams recommendation: almost all face line clear unique metal beams design, highlight personality, mixed halfback and the metal framework of feeling restoring ancient ways, become fashion blogger, big star cafe staff a fashionable style, not only that, this style of sunglasses don't pick people, almost all face shape can harness, absolute is a fashion icon concave shape tool! Same sunglasses recommendation: sunglasses factory YC3028 unisex sunglass C4 flower tortoise shell gold/lens grey
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