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A secret: Peony Lim shoes package sunglasses accessories all cannot little

by:Eugenia     2020-07-30
Socialite redesigns fashion bloggers Peony Lim has a typical Oriental temperament of face, but also reveal the westerners face delicate feeling. As a fashion blogger and stylist, in dress collocation style is varied, alternately to restore ancient ways and charm, in a word from the Peony the collocation of Lim, the secret is, shoe bags sunglasses and other accessories all cannot little. Ellery is the clothing brand from Australia. Ellery designer is KYM Ellery, she was born in Perth, western Australia, from the mother's artistic edification. After graduation she went to the Australia new fashion magazine Russh 'work, accumulated a lot of work experience in fashion, then come out own designer brands. The sunglasses are Ellery a sunglasses, classic square design with the partial element of the cat's eye, than the ordinary in terms of modified face and decorative box sunglasses. Speak French wide-brim hats, Maison Michel must be a first choice, but at the price of $300 + for many girls. Peony Lim wearing this hat from new brand: Lack Of see Colour, from Australia, the price only Maison Michel one over ten, but the models, colors and Maison Michel you spell it, even the supermodel Rosie Huntington are fans. Consistent purpose. Comfortable and original spirit, does not conform to the trend, not deliberately hermes pursuit is to express themselves. Small make up the last sunglasses give you recommend some similar model. Sunglasses factory YC9708 general sunglasses C4 gold tortoise shell box leg/lens dark brown
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