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A star of sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Close to entertainment and fashion stars are all in love with a man named Gentle Monster sunglasses, quan zhixian, li yi feng, my everything, gd, Sa o on different occasions wearing the sunglasses! Sunglasses but in summer cannot little deserve to act the role of sheet is tasted, can not only can prevent bask in concave shape, no amount of remains feel the lack of a pair of sunglasses, but you must know fashionable Gentle Monster is in the south Korean star's favored domestic brands, most of the south Korean star street snap is worn, the sunglasses and a variety of colors and styles, colors and styles are very restore ancient ways, but don't think that restore ancient ways is depressing, Gentle Monster's color is more bright-coloured, so popular with many female stars, because too suitable for summer wear. What the teacher and li yi feng with blue mirror, a Gentle Monster basic, li xiaolu wearing is just listed on the new 2015, powder powder is suitable for hot mama of sweet temperament. Ah Sa's style is the port that fit this sunglasses is obviously a little 'V' word! Simple have qualitative feeling. Like Jessica alba, Miranda Kerr has worn the sunglasses, although South Korea's brand, but across the world. The south Korean domestic popular logo, in fact, as early as the hot Korean dramas in you from the stars was our goddess of all worn, the following two sets of LOOK you do not strange, at a time when thousands of the wear is Gentle Monster of the two models. Next, a south Korean star big Bob's airport taking snapshots are also appeared in the sunglasses, lee min-ho gd is more basic, joker black crystal and are relatively sweet yoon eun hye has the circular pattern of printing, actually Gentle Monster round sunglasses is a modified face oh, don't be afraid to try to round, rocks a? Some fashion bloggers have also chosen Gentle Monster out of the street, the printing frame style very grab an eye. , of course, it is very important to select appropriate oneself face sunglasses, these face suitable sunglasses, you can accordingly, don't choose the wrong oh. Square (1, Including rectangular) Face: suitable for round or oval sunglasses, for example, the traditional pilot glasses or butterfly type glasses. 2, round face, a round face with glasses need to choose the angular design rectangle, square, the shield type of sunglasses is good choice. 3, oval face: suitable for almost any shape of glasses, just on the size of sunglasses should pay attention to.
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