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A wipe it took 699 yuan to buy the sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
Spend 699 yuan to buy the sunglasses a brush?
on June 18, ms Chen island in lake this south road no. 461 store had spent 699 yuan to buy a pair of adidas sunglasses.
on June 25, when the heavy rain, chan sunglasses have got wet in the rain, she use store had sent to clean cloth to wipe the mirror. After the wipe, ms Chen looked at the mirror, found a piece of mirror appeared on the coating of a scratch, revealing white color inside. After she wiped, appeared two scratches.
on June 26, ms Chen take sunglasses to Formosa glasses this lake south road shop, the shop staff after her situation, let her take sunglasses and warranty card on their first shop, such as they reflect the condition to manufacturers, look at the manufacturer's reply.
ms Chen said the & # 8220; Monday I received island store had calling, the other party said already asked the factory, but factory said can't repair. And they think sunglasses coating scratch is caused by human reason, so can't return. ”
to this, says ms Chen, the island's store had to accept the idea that her, also have no other solutions are put forward.
whether man-made into contention
yesterday, the reporter contacted the Formosa glasses this lake south road store, deal with this week, the manager said: the & # 8220; We on physical examination, in our experience, we think this scratch is caused by human reason, not quality problem, so can't return. However, considering the sunglasses is, after all, chan island store had bought in the us, so we will try our best to help her to find a way to solve. ”
5 PM yesterday, the manager called reporter explanation, scratches on the edge of the lens, does not affect the use, but has a certain effect on appearance. Ms Chen to reflect problems, optical shop staff polishing lenses in front of her, but didn't appear any other scratches. This pair of glasses is on sale at the time, the original price is two thousand yuan, is a pair of, after the store don't have the same model. “ We asked the factory, factory said coating is overall one-time coating, scratch after repair. Now we can only give her two lenses, fees shall be borne by each part of hope chan, bear the cost of $150. ”
for this solution, ms Chen is not accepted, she stressed that the store had staff did not use glasses lens wiping cloth but with paper towel.
weeks, said the manager, if ms Chen considered lens wiping cloth cause scratches, then asked her to come to a trip to the store, with lens wiping cloth to wipe the lens, if wipe out the scratches on the spot, it is borne by the store to change the cost of the lens. Otherwise, shall be borne by ms Chen.
this, ms Chen says.
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