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Aaron kwok girlfriend of all kinds of glasses style

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
Yesterday night, guo fucheng tweeting suspected exposure in a relationship, give two people hand in hand in the car, and @ her, said 'this drive slower. After guo pop's romance is boiled over in the entertainment circle, his girlfriend's various database were dug upside down! Guo singer girlfriend is named moka ( Moka) Female models, 27, from Shanghai, 2012 has been pictorial book, 'Shanghai Leah Dizon,' said. She has a sexy figure, looks a bit like hybrids, also have a lot of angles like Angelababy. Small make up to sort out some photos of guo star girlfriend, only to find that she seems to like glasses, all kinds of glasses show, high level of appearance and is modified face accessories, absolutely beautiful! Transparent powder foil skin is very white, metal mirror legs increases the noble fashion sense, is the very shy shy girl is there. Remove immature, wearing a pair of big frame sunglasses to build a ripe female image, fashion sexy. Put on a thick frame sunglasses without the old effeminacy, more personality and domineering. Bright color sunglasses V face foil is very delicate, exaggerated version of frog mirror always can give you a surprise. Even simple frame glasses, the modelling of give you bonus points. Glasses with money: new sunglasses factory ultralight ultra soft female tide model of tungsten carbon box myopia glasses all FB0003C14 black box red legs reeves LS03034 unisex eyeglass frame C06 frosted powder
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