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About glasses really too promising business and have a company to devote into it

by:Eugenia     2020-09-03
According to women's wear daily reports, Italia Independent group has with France on December 11 publicis multinational advertising companies and public relations company signed an agreement to sell Italia Independent group creative consultancy Independent Ideas a majority stake in the latter. Italia Independent founder Lapo Elkann told women's wear daily, and this transaction will help Italy creative consultancy to expand business to digital and science and technology level, of course, also can advertising giant French subsidiary Publicis133 and Marcel WW bring Italy dimension from the perspective of 'for us, this is an unprecedented opportunity for Independent electronic change Ideas, at the same time, also can give me the existing consumer groups bring a wider range of services. 'Founder Lapo Elkann is Italian car brand is the heir to the Fiat, Italia Independent main glasses brand, group in milan, Italy in 2013, stock exchange listed on the gem. Company owned by Independent Ideas is a around the creative company of business of marketing, branding and digital, John Elkann said the company's partners include LVMH's hand wrist watch brand, in addition to maserati, Juventus and Lavazza. Since 2014, hand start and Italia Independent group launched many wrist watch, for this case, Publicis133 and Marcel Worldwide chief executive Charles Georges - Picot said in the present market, only is not enough to give a satisfactory products qualified - — Consumers would like to see more, hand is project and R& D company's creative, production, design and development teams to develop advertising plan, plan contain not only the basic marketing and digital social media solution, will also spread the story behind the project itself to consumers. In 2015, Italia Independent agency agreement with the German sports brand Adidas group department, become the Adidas Originals brand glasses agents, both sides has signed a four-year contract. And the buyer publicis is France's largest advertising and communications group, was founded in 1926. In fact, since the 21st century, publicis with international m&a is famous for its large advertising companies and communications group, 2001 acquisition of saatchi advertising ( Saatchi & Saatchi) ; 2002 acquisition BCOM3 group, delta is high and the spread of established dentsu group; 2003 buy-out zenithoptimedia group ( Zenith Optimedia) ; Integration of power transmission in China in 2006, star mass media ( 传媒) Transmission of media business established bo farce, become China's largest advertising media purchasing group. Recommended reading: how creative consultancy of choose and buy to sell sunglasses from group adjust development center of gravity of the decision, the chief executive of Giovanni Carlino, stripped of creative business group, will focus on the development of glasses and lifestyle products, Charles Georges - Picot said: 'the idea is very naturally, before that, we have to share customers and business each other, they can be extended to our global business in Italy market and attract global consumers with channel. 'The European market still the Italia Independent's largest market, including Italian accounted for about half of the share, Britain, Germany, France total accounted for about 25%. Last month, Lapo Elkann has just opened a new project - — 意大利的车库, — A car custom service company, after come in various Aagip gas stations, John Elkann for the completion of the headquarters, and introduce the operating Michelin chef of the restaurant. Although John Elkann has sold their housing in Paris, but he said oneself is expected to stay longer in Paris, and to consider new home there.
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