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About the sunglasses, you should know the knowledge of 'cold'

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
In the scorching sun of summer again. Burning sun pawn, a pair of fashionable sunglasses, both to protect his eyes from the strong sunlight, and concave shape tool. Many fashionable personage thinks, summer without sunglasses is incomplete. Now, the market can buy sunglasses all sorts of multifarious, but on the other hand, there are a lot of people found that some sunglasses to wear feels particularly dark light, the road is a little difficult. Sometimes feel a pain in his eyes, wearing a long time, even dizzy. Obviously, the reason lies in the quality of glasses. Recommended reading: sunglasses, why always so hot? Yes, sunglasses factory today don't say how to face to choose sunglasses, also don't say what kind of picture frame the most fashionable, but to talk about 'cold' knowledge about sunglasses, welcome friend often wear sunglasses not only onlookers, glasses production enterprises, in particular, more need to know the following. First of all, says the real purpose of sunglasses, — Of course not to concave shape, but to prevent eye disease! Is the most important role, 1, sunglasses uv filter. Too much in the sun's ultraviolet ( UV) Exposure may cause cataracts and electro-optic ophthalmia, eyelid skin cancer disease. Even wearing a hat along wide, also can block 50% uv reaches the eye. So, in the strong sunshine when wearing sunglasses, it is very necessary. 2, sunglasses can filter the shorter-wavelength blue light. The study found that long-term exposure to the uv and blue light frequency, is the old age in age-related macular variation risk factors of the disease. 3, in the summer, wearing sunglasses can reduce the ciliary muscle of the eye in bright light regulation of burden, can let an eye at objects in the natural light and comfortable. Sunglasses, of course, can play such an important protection for our eyes, is an essential premise, that is - — Quality qualification. At present, the inferior sunglasses on the market, the problem is mainly ultraviolet spectrum transmission ratio, that is through ultraviolet too much, don't keep out the role of ultraviolet radiation. In addition, and axial deviation is too large and optical center horizontal deviation is too large, the two measurements is unqualified, is the main cause of blurred vision and eye fatigue. In fact, our country related products quality requirements for glasses, is has the strict testing standards. According to different testing project, there are technical specification for the national basic safety glasses products, including: GB10810. 1 - 2005年,GB10810。 2 - 2006、GB10810. 3 - 2006、GB10810. 5 - 2012年,GB13511。 1 - 2011 and GB/T14214 - 2003 'frames - General requirements and test methods. In addition, from September 1, 2000 began to implement QB2457 - 1999 'sunglasses', is our country with reference to American standard ANSI Z80. 3 set of mandatory industry standards. Content mainly includes the surface quality and internal fault, lens optical properties ( Top coke, prism degrees) , frame, assembly accuracy and cosmetic requirements and transmission characteristics.
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