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According to someone wearing the ink image star, you put the ink image bing?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
Many people believe that as long as sunglasses can instantly noble, can instantly turn into a high pretend bility street snap blogger, actually. Sunglasses take bad doesn't look like a star like bing instead. Only with good sunglasses can modify face ascend the aura of a second variable star. So how can match good sunglasses from bing image upgraded to a star? First of all we do according to the face with detail. Most people face in total can be summarized as round, oval, triangle and square and long face five kinds: 1, a round face, the face shape is characterized by round cheeks, good collocation angular, broad-brimmed glasses frame, will help the facial lines. Circle line more cases, if again tie-in Jin Sibian frames, will face more round. Chloe has been a baby sister goddess of liao han, from the elf prince to IT rich singles, life is really more walk more brilliant, wears aviator Chloe is stick, can manage all sorts of modelling, or lady or a handsome ~ but to wear this Miu Miu Kerr not honestly let me some love, fortunately, hairstyle cooperates, always feel good to ordinary people in real life is difficult to control. Suitable for round sunglasses recommend: anta AT8005C1 black fashion sunglasses big box 2, elliptical polarized sunglasses face: feature was part of the facial width is located in the frontal area, and smooth on both sides of the symmetrical to the forehead and chin move, is the face side of the perfect face. International chapter of the face is to perfect the oval face, see a small pointed chin can let a person do not consciously heart of love. Even thin to the weight of the international chapter, chapter estimate I also difficult to show the international face, sigh ~ a perfect face, what glasses are also revealed that the two characters, the beauty ~ ~ ~ a Ray Ban such as such as hand big Tom Ford, a carelessly covered half a face. Chapter also pick the Miu Miu, for example, the wearing out of the spring and the young girl's pink breath while I pick people think of Dior is So Real, but the chapter is So of the natural wear out at tall and expensive. The modelling of the collocation of sunglasses, to consider the overall style to suit the oval face sunglasses recommendation: anta AT8002C8 tortoiseshell big frame glasses hipster fashion female genuine polarized sunglasses 3, triangular face: wide flat forehead, a sharp chin, jaw almost flat, with eyes all of these are characteristic of the frame. To soft bottom half facial ministry line, good choice of elliptic frames, lines is distinct glasses. Socialite Olivia small frame, dignified temperament, is really envy ah, say never-failing integral collocation have zero error, choose model husband's taste is also him, perfect match! Women love Westward Leaning, the VOYAGER and Hermes scarves, inside take ZARA, really is! Suitable for seeds of sunglasses recommendation: sunglasses factory YC9105C8 tortoiseshell female fashion polarized sunglasses Europe and the United States to restore ancient ways big frame sunglasses 4, square face, wide forehead, angular, face square founder, reveal a face of vital qi. Choose the circular or elliptic frames will help soft facial contours, and metal frame will help eliminate the curt feeling lines. My jay wear Gentle Monstersooooo cool! ! ! Sunglasses radian and the size of the lens, very well fit the jay's face, and black lens can more aura. Lick the open mode to keira knightley square face to the community of life is a super soft like to use a curved sunglasses to face ~ suitable for square face sunglasses recommend: sunglasses factory ms YC9707 sunglasses C3 bright black/grey 5, long face: generally have a high forehead, jaw more real, chin also slightly long, wearing wide-brimmed, big picture frame sunglasses can make a lot of short, wide break long lines. Is really good porridge Maggie Q, gentle, wild and free, mature, shy, frank. All sorts of femininity mix build very in place, I really don't know how to express my affection for MQ, soap flakes of MQ by self. Although I love MQ, but think of MQ is more suitable for sunglasses, metallic-looking this Ray Ban easily exposed the queen's weaknesses. Wear round eyes, at once the MQ gentle, even carry weapons to the police. For long sunglasses recommendation: sunglasses factory YC9705 general sunglasses C7 white/dazzle colour purple sunglasses in addition to and face collocation, with some of the basic makeup look, so as to better show your glamour! So wear sunglasses to how to make up to you? Want to know about friend, please look at the simple sunglasses colour makeup.
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