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According to the sun glasses color test of your character

by:Eugenia     2020-08-02
Sorching summer, sunglasses is a must-have fashion item, out of the door will wear. We usually wear sunglasses when only focus on the design of its color and lens color, sometimes thinking under the function of the lens, but few people know that the sun lens color can reflect a person's personality! Not letter below we together to do a little test: 【 The test method 】 Intuitively choose sunglasses lens color do you like, then look at the answers! It's grey lens ( A) check the options It's the lens (it's light brown. Check the option B) It's green lenses ( Check the option C) It's the yellow lenses ( Check the option D) It's blue lenses ( Check the option E) It's pink lens ( Check the option F) A, select the grey lens your personality belong to 【 My neighbor friend 】 Sunglasses factory 9803 c3 grey lens frog mirror grey lens used most commonly in the sunglasses, scenery will not appear when wearing clear off color, can show the real natural feeling, whether to go shopping or in the outdoors, can use at any level of brightness. You choose grey lens, the pursuit of the most natural and comfortable state, easy-going, like little playmate in the neighborhood. B, choose dark brown lenses your personality belong to' The king of active 】 Sunglasses factory YC9708 dark brown sunglasses dark brown lens is mainly used to improve the scene contrast, make things more easy to recognize. So the dark brown lens as often in strong light ideal for athletes of playing tennis outside. Choose dark brown lenses you, even in outdoor also love maintain visual acuity, nerve always excited state, always full of energy! C, choose green lens your personality belong to 【 Literature and art little fresh 】 Sunglasses factory YC9712 green lens sunglasses green lens can improve the perception of green and blue light eyes, although slightly change the other color object, but to be able to relax relieve eyes, injected a fresh to the visual. Choose the green lens, you like to keep pure and fresh and soothing. Concise artistic breath, always by inside and outside send out from your body. D, choose the yellow lenses your personality belong to' Little winter sun 】 Sunglasses factory 2140 a sunglass clip yellow lens is fit for the environment in winter in the dark sports wear, even if it is foggy or at dusk, also can effectively improve contrast, enhance the visual clarity. Select the yellow lenses, you tend to be warm inside, even in adversity, also can send out a positive energy like the sunshine! E blue lenses, choose your character belongs to the Maverick man 】 Ray ban RB2132 - F blue lens sunglasses blue lens is suitable for the environment, less sunlight can soften the low intensity of sunlight, protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the wind, is the best choice for the cold weather. Select the blue lenses, you like the modelling of make future feels slightly, under the strong and cool appearance, you have a heart of maverick. F, choose pink lens your personality belong to' Fashion new favorite 】 Ray-ban RB4175 pink lens sunglasses pink lens is mainly used as decorations, for fashion modelling added dot eyeball a, more suitable for indoor or banquet. Choose pink lens you, yearning is full of fashionable feeling beautiful breath. Unabashed individuality, and let you become the focus of attention in the crowd! See the above content to find belong to your unique sunglasses, if you want to have more choices, please go to the glasses sunglasses factory network, more sunglasses styles and colors for your choice.
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