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ACE Eyewear intelligent broadcast sunglasses let you hands free

by:Eugenia     2020-09-06
Now live webcast already is nothing new, as long as you have a smart phone, there is an interesting story, fresh, you can direct broadcast live on a platform. Can literally, we live in an era of national broadcast live. Having said that, but when you live outdoors in the use of mobile phones, will often appear all sorts of problems. Need a live phone yuntai, for example, is held for a long time easy to cause the arm ache, is not convenient to live in a crowded place, and so on. Face the outdoor live pain points, Snapchat social software companies in the United States launched a outdoor live artifact - — ACE Eyewear sunglasses. The camera lens ingeniously combines the camera with the sun glasses, allowing users to hands free and live video in the first person perspective. According to the official introduction, the wearer can use ACE to live video glasses, users can also through the smartphone applications will be broadcast live video posted to Facebook, sets and YouTube and other social networking platforms, and edited before uploading. It is understood that the ACE Eyewear is by Acton ( A company is famous for its electric skateboard) Manufacturing, equipped with 8 million pixels CMOS sensor, dual MIPS 1. 2 GHz processor, 120 - degree wide Angle lens and a microphone, can shoot 24 p full hd video. Recommended reading: what are the sunglasses style by clicking on the glasses and left of the shutter button, the wearer can take photographs or start recording video. Life, ACE Eyewear is equipped with a 260 mah battery, up to 80 hours of standby time, support 90 minutes of video recording and 40 minutes of video broadcast. Internal storage space for 4 g. In addition, the ACE Eyewear sunglasses have IP65 waterproof dustproof function, with 4 gb of storage space. Can, of course, as a 'sunken modelling' sun glasses, ACE Eyewear self-respect only 50 g, even don't have electricity, also can continue to wear as jewelry. At present, the ACE Eyewear sunglasses now have begun to accept reservation, book sells for $99 ( RMB 640) , expected delivery time for the April shipment. It is important to note that the booking is done, the camera sunglasses will restore to $199 ( RMB 1280) 。
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