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Acrylic lens manufacturer recommends-PolyOne launches polypropylene products to effectively reduce harmful odors

by:Eugenia     2022-01-09
Composites manufacturer PolyOne (located in Lake Avon, Ohio) has launched a low-odor, polypropylene product filled with talc, Maxxam LO. The product is used in automotive HVAC equipment under the hood, which can help OEMs meet automotive interior air quality (VIAQ) standards. This new material can not only reduce VOC emissions, but also always meet the VDA 270 3.0 odor test standard.  The once-popular 'new car' smell is no longer favored by many consumers, who associate this smell with harmful gases (including volatile organic compounds).  As consumers pay more and more attention to the air quality in the car, it is more important for OEMs to develop a neutral odor interior. And Maxxam LO can not only reduce harmful odors, but also maintain its performance and beauty.  Countries have begun to formulate regulations and guidelines on the acceptable range of automotive chemical concentrations, and the automotive industry is also leading this change.   Therefore, most major automakers now require chemical emission testing and reporting. The purpose of PolyOne's development of Maxxam LO is to help customers better meet these requirements.  In fact, these grades of materials can be customized to achieve a series of physical and mechanical properties to meet the specifications of any OEM.  As PolyOne's business extends to the world, it is generally believed that the consistency of materials is established. 'With low-odor products that can withstand strict lower hood specifications, we are working hard to help our customers adapt to current trends.   This new product highlights our commitment to developing solutions for future automotive needs.' PolyOne is responsible Said Jim Mattey, global marketing director for product performance and solutions. Acrylic lens manufacturers recommend
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