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Actor from the stranger on which all variable star: sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-28
Sunglasses is really god gave men better fit bi tool. Sleep late don't have time to wash a face? Don't want to be lazy catch hair? How to let oneself in a short time for a second become wet? How to let oneself from passers-by star? Very simple, put on your sunglasses! The stars are out mixed jianghu ~ ~ little fresh Lu Han how much is the girl in the heart of man and god, but you see old Lu Han, seems to be less aura and elegant demeanour, and sunglasses Lu Han is more like a star. Appears to be little to painting, we re-open a: generation tianjiao leonardo, on sunglasses liao all flight attendant. To like the stars in an instant pretend bility, type style, choose a pair of suitable sunglasses! Square sunglasses recommend: sunglasses factory YC9711 men sunglasses C3 blue/dazzle colour mass nade friends RB4225 646/55 men sunglasses transparent box sunglasses generally wear for face slightly rounded people, can make your face look less fruity, shape your outline of function. Circular frame sunglasses recommendation: ray-ban RB3537 001/2 y men sunglasses laybourne RB2447 - gold/dazzle colour powder Black men sunglasses 901/4 w/F dazzle colour red piece in the same way, the round box to wear sunglasses is more suitable for square face, can make you look more cordial amiable, round sunglasses have a very good humor, retro feel oh ~ frog mirror recommendation: ray-ban RB3523 men sunglasses 006/3 r/black/dazzle colour green piece sunglasses factory YC9015 gun color sunglasses tide restoring ancient ways male frog mirror polarized sunglasses frog mirror is a masterpiece of sunglasses, handsome have a type, and highlights the modern atmosphere, make public, there will be a kind of indomitable stubborn and domineering, generally the sunglasses is very joker, are more suitable for most people.
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