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Actor love with dark glasses with the box

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
Mentioned sunglasses we all know that it is a concave shape artifact, women want to sweet lady, to society, to all no problem, actor want handsome, sunshine, want to high cold also is so easy! For the actor modelling, they seem to have a special liking to bully President, picture is truth, don't believe the actor will show you how we use square sunglasses with President! Kobe Bryant ( Kobe Bryant) In a handsome suits, wearing sunglasses, the box aboard a private helicopter, put on a dominating the President to work. Bryant picks his bald head, appear exceptionally long face, long face is suitable to wear round and square frames, and glasses can choose big box, an exaggeration of that kind of, the effect should be very good, will have a feeling, but it is worth noting that frames also don't wider than the cheek or you will make your face look longer. Previous section, JinDong drying out a group of street photos, suits walking on the street full of gentleman, box 'black covered face handsome have a type, like a bully. Richard c. haskelli appeared in the airport is a big square sunglasses, wear a pair of striped pants wearing a gray coat collocation, looks very handsome, but Richard c. haskelli dress up many obvious sunshine, there is a fan of England. Recommend a square sunglasses: YC9706 unisex sunglass factory light black/grey ray-ban sunglasses C1 RB2140 - F unisex sunglass 901 black box blackish green see these you also very much looking forward to change to bully President? Hurry to sunglasses of subtropical high pretend bility box factory glasses sunglasses! ! ! !
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