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Actor of the black box of fashion

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
Rolls last inventory black-rimmed glasses of the handsome man you see enough? No! No! No! Good, rolls have heard the sound of your heart. Today, we continue to speak! Through the comparison of two images, the be clear at a glance. Wearing black-rimmed glasses yiwei lau obviously than black glasses yiwei lau more photogenic type, so there is no doubt. Small make up warm reminder: children's shoes with a pair of glasses, the glasses carefully oh. The beauty and ugliness are sometimes only between a read. The good man in the movie 'extinct', ren do modelling with black glasses. Black-rimmed glasses man always give a person leave does not smoke or drink only newspaper reading content feeling. Because it is hard to imagine a man with black glasses with bottle drunk stagger. So, want to shape the image of honest good man, black-rimmed glasses is your first choice. So far, small make up have brought you a taste of the black glasses eight male fashion, don't know there was a the one you like. If not, don't worry, a large black box actor is online, you children's shoes.
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