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Actress sunglasses armed after you at the airport can recognize?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-20
Today, the airport has become the stars compete for the best place to fashion, in addition to wearing fashionable, collocation is also a live technical, almost at the airport, the essentials of sunglasses are stars, the stars will be at the airport to pretend that he play phone intentionally slow down, but is waiting for the fans to take photos. ( . ) But recently, star of the necessary sheet is tasted the airport decisively turned out to be a 'dark glasses' + 'mask'. Stars airport collective sunglasses masks, eat the melon people were unable to ridicule. These female star sunglasses masks armed to the teeth, if you still can recognize is true love! Below we look at the star together the appearance of the airport after sunglasses armed! ! ! ! Gucci GG3696 / S unisex sunglass black AM3HD pure white T-shirt + blue coat tannins + black hole jeans, perfect out her figure! And silver tassel small bag + star standard big black sunglasses, has become a highlight of the whole modelling accessories! Do you guess the use sunglasses, masks which is covering the beauty female star? Small dew sweet shoulder line sweaters + + light blue shirts tight leg jeans, simple and fashionable! And dark glasses and added a mystical color for her. You guess who is this mysterious beauty? Tresses + chanel white jacket, black trousers, this big girl with van mix building a style, let her irresistible charm! And sunglasses, she looks more dust! Who is this beauty you know? Sunglasses factory, 6059 men and women general sunglasses C3 red box gold leg/dazzle colour printing fleece + short skirt, fashion is to out, more than dew leg! ! ! Is she special van sunglasses? Although use sunglasses mask cover the face, but you should it's not hard to guess who she is. Coat with dark glasses is the most simple and fashionable outfit. In only a few pieces of sheet is tasted, can wear out their own unique style. You see, the blue coat + simple jeans + white hat, nobility is elegant aura! Sunglasses, she seems to have a few minutes of mystery. Anta AT8005C1 fashion sunglasses big black box polarized sunglasses this beauty in this picture is a oh ~ different styles of sunglasses can change the different face oh ~ 6080 sunglasses factory unisex sunglass C2 / shallow silver not gold the beauty in this picture is well recognized. Sunglasses and masks while covering her face, but a round mirror sunglasses or very eyes. Finally the worse, sunglasses, masks, cloak all use! You can also recognize such li-ying zhao, it must be she is a fan of! High-energy ahead! When the small make up for all your answer now, actually this all images of beauty are li-ying zhao. Believe that a few especially obvious, many people have recognized? Can identify five, is really bad!
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