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Ada black-rimmed glasses du mouth show MOE play avi

by:Eugenia     2020-08-22
God goddess 'curtilage' Ada cameo appearance ajit starring a comedy network, while out in just a few minutes, but memorable Ada reverse image of the performance, she changes the sexy royal elder sister style, in 90 after senior spoony women don't go out for a long time, put on a big black glasses, with pink bowknot, du mouth expression is very lovely of point, Ada exaggerated funny deduce a smile, more aggressive after playing show MOE to play the 'ten' He Lao to ajit network love, fun and interesting. Sunglasses factory glasses net remind everybody, different styles of glasses wearing style is different. For female friends, black-rimmed glasses of slender narrow box of cognitive route is the better choice. And wide-brimmed black-rimmed glasses, again with exaggerated logo on picture frame, the absolute is a fashion icon. Of course, whatever the frame itself, for clothing collocation is personality reflected!
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