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Advertising inventory 2015 autumn and winter series glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Summer quietly drew to a close, romantic autumn unknowingly came, enrage bright windy autumn seems always brings a romantic breath, some glasses fashion brand also succumb to inner heat, are considering qiu dong series advertising, various style of fashion believe there will be a suitable for you. Prada ( Prada) Autumn and winter in 2015 AD, the new season is clean and simple catalog wind, tide restoring ancient ways and colorful autumn and winter. Famous fashion brand of quality glasses Linda Farrow ( Linda farrow) Release advertising large series of 2015 autumn winters, by supermodel, Betty Adewole and Nichole Martinez the endorsement of a mirror. Gucci( Gucci) Blockbusters, release 2015 qiu dong series models Tessa Charlotte Bruinsma and Lia Pavlova out together. This season is big story happened in the concrete jungle of modern, dress up fashionable men and women crisscross in the life of the subway, bus, the pavement; They will own thinking from the present, in which is only one tree, like a poet like in this city to discover the real self and freedom beyond the existing system specification. FENDI xinran for autumn/winter 2015 series Paradeyes sunglasses. Flowers of bird of paradise in this series with FENDI fashion show for inspiration, the perfect echo the Roman key-2 Luxury House style structure characteristics. Glasses design clever apply geometric lines and contours, through the proportion of the outstanding balance highlights the brand sense of modern fashionable and delicate feminine. French fashion brand Chloe ( Curtis in) Release advertising large series of 2015 autumn winters, supermodel Anja Rubik with Julia Stegner together out of the mirror. This large filmed at the Luxembourg, Paris brand hail to the profound friendship between girls. Since 1952, Gaby Aghion to his girlfriend to borrow create brand name, girlfriends friendship has become an integral part of Chloe brand spirit.
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