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After watching snow or walking in the snow, why do we have to wear goggles?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-26
Enjoy the snow in alpine glacier snow area or walk, be sure to wear goggles. Because of the surface of the snow in some places, slightly under the boom, as if the searchlight concave. In a place like this, it may appear white light. If you don't take ski goggles, it may appear the phenomenon of 'snow blindness'. Especially the snow area is wider, snow has high reflectivity to the sunlight, pure fresh snow surface reflectance can be high to 95%. In other words, 95% of the solar radiation is the snow surface reflection out again. At this time of the snow, light degree almost close to the sunlight, the naked eye retina how can withstand such strong light stimulus? Snow-blind clinical manifestation is red and swollen eyelids, conjunctival congestion, edema, have severe pain and foreign body sensation, symptoms of fear, tears, and light eyesight whiting, there will be a blurred vision during the period of onset, serious and even blindness. Even in the cloudy day, don't wear goggles crowd in the snow on the ground for a long time, the eyes will temporarily blind. So small make up recommend watching snow may be walking in the snow outside, must not forget the ski mirror the necessary equipment.
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