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After watching star black-rimmed glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-21
Always go for the youth lively line uproot shayna, black-rimmed glasses is her youthful energy necessary thing in the world! Without the glasses make up time and tide wait for no man, wrinkles don't lie! The glasses even without makeup can do all kinds of strange face show MOE, all of a sudden a lot of young, learned from uproot shayna show MOE exaggerated expressions, life pursuit is a kind of mentality of lohas. Zhao was a crazy that year, the swallow greatly shiny eyes indescribably beautiful! Zhao now cultivate one's morality practice of literature and art atmosphere, people want to be a director, how can choose the black frame glasses all are the pie! If you also have times when such party oval face sister, or an office worker, not consider collocation to look mature.
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