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Square Sunglasses

Square sunglasses are classic and unisex. They give a sense of stability. Fit all kind of face except square face.

Way back in the thirties, pilots used to wear them to protect themselves from intense sunlight and fierce winds. Today, we can use them just to look fierce. Classic aviators, the teardrop make of the aviator glasses adds some length to people face, look best on dome or roundish faces. It has been developed many different shapes, from square, round, oval to fashion irregular polygon, the aviator’s classic silhouette has the power to look good on any face shape and provide symmetry and proportion, with options like ours, men and women wear these bold sunglasses with style and confidence, bring attitude and authority to their sense of style. Tied together nicely with the aviator’s signature double nose bridge, adapt and add flare to most wardrobe preferences.

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