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Ai frame sunglasses reveal fashionable atmosphere

by:Eugenia     2020-07-16
Ai 2015 summer street photo shoot wide exposure, simple color collocation, the rack to cool sunglasses, the modelling of varied along with the gender cannot cover the ai fashionable breath of air. Hot summer, and hard to yan ai body naturally stylish panache. Simple white T-shirt, with a pure and fresh and green knee-length skirt, very pure sunshine. On a pair of cool sunglasses, added a just Yang qi, appearing in the sweet boogie! Born on January 4, 1979 in guangzhou city, guangdong province, graduated from guangdong university of technology department of business administration, Chinese mainland female models, actors, host. 1999 FORD, the world super model contest championship, China began to model. Launched in 2002, personal first single 'I love my self, then start the career. After starring in the movie 'du la la', a corner in Eva, shortlisted for the 21st golden rooster hundred flowers film festival in Japan. On March 23, 2015, lee announced that it had discreetly in the weibo and March 19 to license, bask in the wedding.
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