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Ajit midnight sun glasses handsome photos

by:Eugenia     2020-09-06
Late on July 26, ajit in weibo drying out a sunglasses handsome photos, and netizens said good night, in this photo, ajit with cool frog mirror, wearing a black shirt, very handsome. The hip-hop tide elder brother rarely wear so formal, not old male god what teacher, after send weibo, net friend message boards 'watch see time why? Because you're P figure, ha ha, I found ', 'what the teacher is not old child prodigy ah, still so handsome', 'watch good', 'ring is bright spot'. Ajit cool sunglasses as ajit since 1998, presided over by hunan satellite TV's 'happy camp' for more than ten years. Moreover, starred in zhengde kingdoms such as content, and issued 3 music album and four literary works, 22, 25 Chinese TV achievement award for the best host, the 16th Shanghai TV festival TV host person of the year in the last thirty years, hunan satellite TV host and popular host award, and as a host for the 2009 Asian good TV entertainment show host award, is a famous big man! In addition, ajit cross-border directed the movie for the first time in Thailand on cape jasmine flower, the film released on July 10, is popular with the audience. Ajit is numerous, the identity of any host, how the teacher, also added a director's identity, the old wunderkind very easily ~ pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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