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Also need to wear sunglasses in winter?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
In winter, many children will ask, when the weather is so cold in winter, also need to wear sunglasses? If you think you don't need, you are great, wrong! Small make up today to explain to you, why also to wear sunglasses in winter. We want to know what sunglasses big role is not to play handsome cool, but to protect the eyes, make the eyes from ultraviolet rays. Because our eyeballs to absorb ultraviolet light, want to know if eye ultraviolet enroach on will not immediately able to emerge, but will damage the accumulated bit by bit, which is likely to lead to cornea and retina damaged gradually degenerate, and can make the lens opaque and lead to cataracts, will result in permanent eye damage. So think winter wear sunglasses don't need to children's shoes to wake up. Damage is invisible in the accumulation of! Summer of strong light, ultraviolet (uv) radiation also corresponding strong, most people will take the initiative to wear sunglasses, but due to the low temperature in winter, even when the sun is stronger to most people is not wearing sunglasses, don't think it's necessary, and don't wear will feel warmer, feel the sunshine is good for your health. But as the ultraviolet ray in imperceptible in has damage on the eyes, so also need to wear sunglasses in winter.
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