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Also want to draw beautiful eye makeup with glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-15
Many people think that wear glasses can't draw beautiful makeup, this idea is wrong! See beauty makeup da teach you how to dress up with glasses! ! Myopic lens can minish the eyes, eye outward, so it is particularly important to the method of eye makeup. Will eyes widen, desalination convex is all the key points of makeup look. 1. Eye shadow dote on homologous lubricious eye shadow color is good with homologous, rich color eye shadow will weaken the eyes of the image. Avoid by all means choosing pale pinkish purple, shallow purple, pale pink, pale blue eye shadow, they exacerbate the eye outside convex feeling. Coffee, pick with bead light brown is safe. Makeup in the upper eyelid marginal place with deep coffee eye shadow, and then gradually transition to the eyebrow, use the same color of eye shadow from deep to shallow change to increase eyes, effect is very good. 2. Well slightly thick eyeliner role as the frame and lenses increases the rated content of face and eye makeup is necessary relatively concise and simple. Whether you're a single-edged eyelid is double-fold eyelid, increase the eyes is the most effective tools for slightly thick eyeliner and thick coils become warped eyelash. Just as well try liquid eyeliner or lead soft, will look line, from the eyelash root deep partial thick lines can make eyes expanded, the reflective effect of lens can be lessened eyeliner after painting. 3. Is bound to increase with eyelash clip eyelash clip is myopia beauty eyes. Before the mascara, must use eyelash clip first, since the root ministry of eyelash clip. Mascara with 'Z' form in the root ministry of eyelash transverse repeatedly altered, then brush eyelashes, so can make dense root times. In order to increase the radian of roll become warped eyelash, besmear eyelash clip once before, besmear after eyelash clip again, eyelash can volumes. If you own eyelash is very long, easy to run into the lens, after besmear eyelash fluid can make vision ambiguity, so be selected according to its condition. 4. Eye shadow neutral ideal color should prevent mad, or under the expanding of the lens will present colorful effect. So in comparison with single color or double color eye shadow is appropriate, beige, grey, red, lilac, particularly ambition pearl wait for neuter color. 5. Eyeliner in effect more good don't draw too thick eyeliner, otherwise it will be very abrupt. Select eyeliner instead of liquid eyeliner, simple construction vague in the role of the more think natural look. Smaller eyes, can be appropriately retouching, painted eyeliner, carefully painted light eye shadow, so they will eyes looked big and beautiful. People don't use too much big eyes draw look line, to avoid the lens to expand the trace of makeup. 6. Eyelash not forget fine finishing eyelashes don't need too much polishing. If has been to look line, unfavorable reoccupy black mascara, it can make the eye is too heavy. Brown contrast is appropriate, it will give a person a kind of gentle image. To eyelash on eyelash after oil, remember finishing clean, if the remaining small point or agglomerate, will be lenses exaggerated, it is bad.
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