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Amblyopia should pay attention to what? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-12
Amblyopia is more common in children, and it is also an eye disease that is not easily detected. Once the patient has amblyopia, the visual acuity is relatively poor. Children with amblyopia, as parents, are also more worried, some aspects of amblyopia attention are also very helpful for vision. The following is the main understanding of what to pay attention to amblyopia. Because amblyopia has a significant relationship with the age of the child, how to treat amblyopia, the younger the age, the better the treatment effect. It is generally believed that the treatment time for amblyopia is before the age of 6. Studies have shown that the critical period is less than 2 years old, and the treatment effect after the age of 12 is not so good. Generally, treatment after adulthood is basically ineffective. Amblyopia should pay attention to early treatment. In the treatment of amblyopia, after the child wears glasses, the child should be allowed to use the eyes as much as possible. The child can be asked to do some finer eye movements, such as threading a needle, repeatedly counting rice grains, etc., and can also use related therapeutic instruments for treatment. . Corrected visual acuity can generally reach 1.0 if treated well before the age of 6. However, it should be noted that it is better to carry out consolidation therapy for half a year. After the amblyopia is treated, if the vision recovers, some parents still insist on training. They need to train the functions of monovision, fusion and stereopsis. In this way, the normal vision of both eyes can be consolidated. In the treatment of amblyopia, a covering period must be passed, and the covering period must be strict to prevent children from peeking through the gaps, and also pay attention to children removing glasses when no one is there. The other is to be alert to the occurrence of occlusion amblyopia. The visual acuity of the healthy eye and the nature of fixation must be checked every time during the follow-up visit. Consolidation treatment to prevent recurrence of amblyopia is very important. Some children with amblyopia require observation after treatment. Generally, the follow-up observation with cured amblyopia should be 3 years. Some relapses are mainly caused by non-compliance with the doctor's orders, so in order to maintain the therapeutic effect, it is better to return to the doctor once a month. Don’t be picky eaters in your diet, and the effect of whole grains is better. Need to add some trace elements, these trace elements will affect vision. You can eat some foods rich in vitamins, eat some pig liver, and nourish the liver and kidney, which also has a good effect on the weak.
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