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Analysis of two major technical difficulties of spray-free materials-the price of convex mirrors

by:Eugenia     2022-01-09
1. The material is relatively easy to degrade. Because special pigments, metal pigments, etc. are added to the resin, in the process of material processing, under the action of temperature and shearing force, the metal color is likely to act as a catalyst, causing material degradation and causing the surface of the product. Undesirable phenomena such as air marks or silver wires, even surface pores and yellowing and degradation of materials. 2. Metal pigments are easy to be arranged along the shearing direction. The high injection speed will cause excessive shearing. The metal pigments will be arranged along the shearing direction, causing weld marks and flow marks on the surface of the product, which will affect the appearance of the product. Although spray-free materials have so many advantages, in practical applications, auto companies still have relatively few choices of spray-free materials. The reason is that some properties of spray-free materials are not as good as spray-painted plastics, such as scratch resistance. Without the spray coating, under the same hardness, the surface friction of the spray-free material is greater, and it is easier to scratch. For auto companies that have stringent requirements for scratch resistance, spray-free materials do have weaknesses. Spray-free: mold first, structure second, material third. In order to achieve good results without spraying, the matching of high-gloss molds is inevitable; in addition, the product structure is also very important. The current spray-free technology on the market is not suitable for complex product structures, and it is prone to pinch lines, flow marks, etc. Injection molding process; relatively speaking, the material is easier to achieve among the three. Therefore, in actual production, a reasonable mold design and injection molding process are needed to prepare a perfect part. Keywords: Convex mirror price
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