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Andrea brand fashion glasses together in hangzhou

by:Eugenia     2020-08-13
Of the world's big glasses - design, manufacturing, wholesale and retail group Andrea is a wholly owned subsidiary in China - — Tracing the cause of ladder card ( Shanghai) Trade co. , LTD in hangzhou on April 8, Formosa glasses article high quality brand flagship store. 2 glasses spring/summer 2011 exhibition. The exhibition participation include Prada, Ray - sun glasses 禁令,巴宝莉,奥克利,D& G the world, such as a line of clothing brand and quality brand sunglasses series.
in a fashionable and informal style, pay attention to technical details, to re-interpret the brand of elegance and vogue is the theme of the new spring/summer 2011 glasses. Use from the inspiration of nostalgic style, exquisite exquisite detail design, select material and charming shadow color, explain the popular elements of the past.
retro nostalgia is still the theme of the 2011 chun xia series of glasses. In the 80 s classic CATS cat's comeback style, collocation of elongated type circular design and wide frames, injection for its distinctive style, make it beyond the season of fashion, become a true legend of the eternal.
spring/summer 2011 product unanimously adopted the transparent color picture frame glasses with rich colour choice, properly reveal modern women, gentle temperament and fashion. D& G 8078 USES the transparent frame of candy color, make the glasses can perfect collocation and various colors of clothing.
colorful printing is also a large number of applications in the glasses of this season, with a novel colour to create the effect of the brand new and original. Oakley the cooperation with YSC organizations to pay close attention to women's health new printing sunglasses Oakley RAVISHING, the patent O - Matter of picture frame, match with colorful ornament of design and color, to reveal the unique significance of the glasses, and on the lens using laser mark for signal against breast cancer red ribbon, increase its personality is distinct.
this season most glasses framework using both plate and metal materials, sheet for frames, metal ornament complement each other for details.
with the influx of cutting-edge technology and the use of new materials is still glasses material on the highlights of this season. Ray-ban series using carbon fiber and the & # 946; Titanium alloy production of optical lenses, to provide customers with lighter, stronger, more strong and durable frame selection.
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