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Angel a pouting lips show MOE son birthday

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
A few days ago, after eight years of husband and wife life star couple angel and James Chen took her boy to a little tiger to Mauritius fill do wedding, the happiness of the family photos let many people envy. Yesterday, three son 7 years old birthday, angel on weibo drying out three whimsy sunglasses du mouth show MOE, with son had a warm and happy birthday. As the entertainment circle model couple angel and James Chen because had married only received a certificate, no wedding, see many star couples married for years within the entertainment circle gradually fill do wedding, the couple has sprouted the idea. Hence, two people with her little tiger in Mauritius fill do wedding. The son little tiger's birthday, the couple take their children to go to the cinema, a son of man in a cinema du mouth show MOE, make all sorts of wacky expressions, embryonic state, but also reveal the family together of the sweet happiness, let the fans admire unceasingly.
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