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Angela take sport Li Xiangdai sunglasses aura powerful umbrellas do classes

by:Eugenia     2020-09-05
Mr. Wong comedy film 'the baby alone in the yesterday, 12) Boot up in Hong Kong, Wang Shiling (at the age of five Angela) No longer is the nature of the guest, but absolutely female one. Angela at an early age, and have been able to independent, appearance, a man walked at a stride into the front desk, li xiang and yuelun wang is far behind, 'karstens look like daughter. Li Xiangdai with a big frame sunglasses, with a sun umbrella, very fashionable van, yuelun wang wore framework myopic lens and sun hat with li xiang guarded the daughter. Angela yuelun wang couples the sun do daughter classes on the stage, Li Xiangwang YueLun couples are in the audience to see my daughter all the way, li xiang strong aura, and generous with pigeon eggs diamond ring, very attractive. That afternoon the sun is basked in, li xiang has been welded to sunglasses, umbrellas. The sun is shining, Angela unavoidably absent-minded on the stage, this time, li xiang will be in the audience shouted his daughter, 'Angela, look at the front, the lens at the front. 'The stage Angela will be very listen to your mother. Couple well guarded the daughter, however, close to Angela as big a, babyfat violently. Director Mr. Wong joked that will provide a lifetime of free ice cream for Angela, li xiang said immediately, 'or to control, but children don't eat sweets impossible. Angela is long body, for the first time as a female one, a very important part, will affect her normal routine? To this, li xiang said Mr. Wong Angela will have a good control of time, take only four or five hours a day, can be a nap at noon, and the time at Disney. 'But li xiang is not willing to reveal Angela scene, saying only that opportunity is very rare, such as the daughter grew up, this is a very precious memories. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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