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Annie and her boyfriend returned from vacation, big show fashion sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-13
Last weekend, Hollywood beauty Anne hathaway ( 安妮·海瑟薇) And her boyfriend Adam shulman ( 亚当Shulman) Together, in Rio DE janeiro in Brazil of sunshine to enjoy some kind of South America. In the United States on March 30, Wednesday local time, two people hand in hand in the Los Angeles airport again, again start to travel. In the airport, Annie casual wearing short sleeve T-shirt and jeans, with a big sunglasses, right shoulders knapsack, left hand also raised a duffel bag. But the officer did not see beauty star will release meaning, because according to witnesses, 28, Annie and Adam, 29, after a fairly rigorous security checks. In the common scene of Anne is accustomed to this, after she was asked to take off the sandals, immediately put on a pair of socks already prepared.
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