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Antique collection of glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-22
Collection is a very proud thing, but it is also very need patience, because of the need to collect the things you like. The collection has a lot of, big to the historical relics, small to coin stamps, each has to collect the value of it. But there is a thing is worth our collections, that's glasses. Sagawa fujii plank + alloy 81233 tortoiseshell C221 tide model of neutral myopia glasses frame antique is a very promising collection, s the more long the higher value. Glasses from the Ming dynasty began to emerge, with gold, silver, brass, phosphor copper, wood, tortoise shell, a variety of materials such as ox horn, plastic production, collection scope is very broad. Celebrity eyewear collections instances in the movie 'mei lanfang', sun hong2 lei2 wearing glasses is Chen kaige's wife Chen carefully collected antiques glasses from the 1930 s, but now a pair of lenses in the qing dynasty jade antique glasses price is as high as 500000 yuan, and in the early 1990 s, a vintage glasses might simply dozens or even hundreds of yuan can be bought. The main reason for the price difference is early lens are generally made of crystal, making special add preserved much, so the price is not cheap. But experts said the glasses collection time actually not too important, even in the 1990 s glasses, also have the value of collection. The stand or fall of antique glasses to distinguish: 1, see s emerged from glasses has been nearly 600 years, every period of the glasses have different changes, this change is not only the change of style, there is a material change, more changes of era. The sooner glasses usually s its market value, the greater the because early glasses production, the price is high, the less of is not much, and many glasses material quality, this may also explain why classical glasses now expensive. Sagawa fujii 7455 dc28 tide model of plank of wood box code hawksbill myopia glasses 2, both men and women see material pledge: first, take the lens, lens is crystal, glass or resin pills, including crystal is natural or artificial crystal, crystal of this value is often very different. Generally natural crystal are superior to synthetic crystal, and the value of the glass and resin piece is very small. Second frame, frame materials very much, both gold and silver, K gold, copper, brass, phosphor bronze, stainless steel, titanium alloy and other metal frames, there is also a wooden, hawksbill, horn, plastic etc. Nonmetal frames, different material itself reflects the different value, also determines the frame collection value and market value. 3, work: the lens to take a closer look at the accuracy of grinding, edge machining and polishing precision, such as frames in addition to the production level, if there is a decorative pattern design, sculpture, or process, such as embroidery, provide for the level and degree of fine judging them. Some of the old store had often do mark on frame, such as 'ming-yuan Yang', 'jade ShengXiang', can through the signs in order to assess its s and the value of the material.
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