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Apple's new patents: let you bring sunglasses can also see the screen

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
Patent mad apple near and in the United States patent and trademark office ( USPTO) Applied for two patents of interesting. The first is called 'display' emits circularly polarized light, it says is used on the iPhone and iPod a modified liquid crystal display, can let you in with the polarized sunglasses also can clearly see the screen. That hasn't been improved polarizing sunglasses? The sunglasses can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays damage, but also interact with LCD linear polarizer. This is the place where the patent wants to improve. So when you take your cool sunglasses see LCD screen, the screen image will appear. Apple's patent is to increase a layer on the LCD screen can 'linear polarized light in a beam, and then into a circular partial beams, then launch circularly polarized light' on the other side of the display. Apple applied for the patent Numbers for 20110124260. And the invention is attributed to Wei Chen, Cheng Chen, John Z. Zhong, Shawn R. Gettemy and Victor H. E. Yin engineers. Look at these names like are basically in China. If the above patent is a bit too advanced for you. So apple application won't explode battery this patent is too sweet for you! According to Patently Apple Apple's engineers are working on a not exploding batteries. Remember before exploding iPod? If the lithium battery cell phones and MP3 with long exposure under the illuminate of strong light, can make the gas explosion inside the battery. This will cause the battery - expansion Even explode. Apple is applying for a technique can let you rest assured, simple said is 'the battery cathode and anode are active coating, and separator'. This material in the battery will be wrapped in a flexible bladder, when inflation to a certain degree, will pass in the weaker parts of bladder release energy. Credited with the invention of the simple and practical Ramesh Bhardwaj, Taisup Hwang and Richard Mank. The patent number is 20110023844. Want to understand people can go to the USPTO patent number search page to search.
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