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Architecture At Large to build new style of sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-22
Architecture At Large building new sunglasses styles, Architecture At Large is from the United States New York architectural design unit, founded by Rafael DE Cardenas. Rafael DE Cardenas, graduated from New York, Rhode Island school of design, fashion design bachelor's degree, he studied architecture degree. Recommended reading: mirror sunglasses is so beautiful! Rafael DE Cardenas served as Calvin Klein men's clothing series of designer and create their own design studio in 2006 Architecture at Large. Rafael DE Cardenas said: 'I have never deliberately pursue anything, in the face of all kinds of pursuit guidance I look more like a teenager, a kind of schizophrenia tend to make me happy in among them, create a work atmosphere in the mood. 'Rafael DE Cardenas for Gentle Monster brand design shops, they used wood, iron and steel, and it can be associated with a maze of mirror and so on as a decoration material. Recommended reading: what lenses At the same time, the material is Architecture At Large in the architectural design concept for the Gentle Monster, build a new style of sunglasses, this is called 'Vision Quest' glasses series, used the ultra-lightweight framework, low-key frosted texture frames the bold metallic element lens on collocation, the contrast and presents a visual sense is the aesthetics of contemporary industrial design. 'Vision Quest' mirror price is about $290.
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