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Are anti-blue glasses useful? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-28
The blue light emitted by electronic devices actually has a great impact on our eyes. If the blue light intensity is relatively high, your retina will be severely impacted, in fact, you will suffer from certain eye diseases, and the degree of myopia will also deepen. So many people will buy square blue light glasses, but does such a kind of glasses really have the effect of preventing blue light, and what is the effect? 1. Effectively reduce the damage of blue light to the eyes. In fact, anti-blue light glasses can effectively reduce the damage of blue light to the eyes. Especially for some office workers, the blue light of mobile phones and computers is very harmful to the eyes for more than ten hours a day. , so you must wear anti-blue light glasses during daily care. Even if you are not short-sighted, you still need a pair of flat anti-blue light glasses, wear them every day, and take proper eye care, so that the protection effect on the eyes will be better. Second, choose professional brand products There are many glasses on the Internet that can prevent blue light by themselves, but the actual situation is still unknown. Therefore, if we want to guarantee the effect of anti-blue light, we recommend that you buy genuine anti-blue light glasses, because the products of the regular brand have been tested in many aspects, and they can really guarantee the anti-blue light, so it can be guaranteed very well. The filtering effect can also absorb some corresponding light to avoid secondary damage to the eyes. Third, pay attention to the comparison of the film layer The film layer of the anti-blue light glasses is different from the ordinary type of glasses, and there will be a layer of coating on the surface, so we must pay special attention to the measurement work when choosing glasses. You can first take a look at the anti-blue light glasses of that brand, there is quality assurance that the quality of the coating is good, so that you can be guaranteed when you buy it. There are also many different types of anti-blue light glasses. Each brand of anti-blue light glasses has been tested accordingly, and there are detailed introductions. If we want to buy a high-quality anti-blue light glasses, we might as well purchase through such channels. .
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