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Are cheap cosmetic contact lenses harmful to the eyes? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-29
A pair of cosmetic contact lenses can make your eyes bright and energetic, and there is no need for plastic surgery, and there is no risk of failure. This is probably one of the main reasons why women cannot resist cosmetic contact lenses. Since the craze of celebrity cosmetic contact lenses, cosmetic contact lenses have become an indispensable tool in every lady's makeup box. A few tens of dollars can achieve the effect of brightening eyes. Why not do it. However, I want to sound the alarm for everyone today. Cheap US contact lenses are one of the main causes of corneal inflammation. Blindness due to US contact lenses is no longer alarmist. 1. Substandard cosmetic contact lenses will affect the respiration of the cornea and damage the cornea. According to the information provided by the Beijing Food and Drug Administration in the first half of 2014, cosmetic contact lenses are thicker than ordinary contact lenses and will affect the respiration of the cornea. It has a certain effect on the inflammation of the cornea. Moreover, market demand has caused a large number of unscrupulous businesses to produce cheap cosmetic contact lenses. The standards do not meet the national drug regulatory standards. They are easy to irritate the retina, cause chronic conjunctival hyperemia, and eventually cause corneal inflammation and even blindness. Therefore, the editor hereby reminds that there are ways to love beauty. You must choose an eyeglass store with formal business qualifications to buy cosmetics. Wear them under the inspection and guidance of the optician to avoid buying cheap and inferior beauty that can easily cause corneal inflammation. Hitomi. Second, the points of attention when wearing cosmetic contact lenses In addition to the source of cosmetic contact lenses, the wearer of cosmetic contact lenses should also pay attention to the following points in order to truly prevent corneal inflammation. First of all, after purchasing the cosmetic contact lenses, the lenses are first disassembled to check whether the lenses are worn, and then soaked in the care solution for more than four hours before being worn to prevent the formation of bacteria that inflamed the cornea from the root cause. Secondly, before wearing cosmetic contact lenses, you should carefully clean your hands and dry them to keep them fresh to avoid cross-infection of the bacteria on your hands with the cosmetic contact lenses, which may contaminate the eyeball and cause inflammation of the cornea.
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