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Are children's sunglasses good? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-21
Under strong sunlight, the ultraviolet radiation is particularly strong, and some parents will consider wearing children's sunglasses and protective glasses for their children to reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays. There are also parents who think that children’s eyesight is still developing, and it is not good to wear children’s sunglasses. Many people are confused by the different opinions. Let’s take a look at children’s sunglasses. From the perspective of eye protection, children’s sunglasses can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays from harming the eyes when the sun is strong, especially in the hot summer. Especially when exposed to the scorching sun for a long time, and children’s eyes are relatively weak, it is easy to cause damage to the eyes and cause some related ophthalmic diseases, such as macular degeneration, cataract and other diseases, so theoretically You need to wear sunglasses. However, children's sunglasses need to be worn carefully. The current market is full of unqualified children’s sunglasses. Not only do they have no anti-ultraviolet function, but some of the lenses are inferior, which will also affect the development of children’s vision. Therefore, parents must remember not to choose children’s sunglasses casually. In terms of the growth of the child, the child is still young and the body is still in the developmental stage, and the eyes are also in such a developmental process. If you wear children’s sunglasses for a long time, it will reduce the external environment’s stimulation of the retina and the fundus of the eyes. The macular area cannot be effectively stimulated, which will affect the visual development of children. In severe cases, it may cause amblyopia in children. It is also necessary to be cautious in the wearing time. In addition to buying sunglasses in a formal place, you must also pay attention to children’s wearing time not too long. Let children’s eyes accept the stimulation of the external environment to promote the development of vision. Long-term exposure to a dark environment is not good for the eyes. Of development. It is better to choose the color of the lens to be gray or smoky, which is not easy to cause color distortion and has a better color sense. Wearing children's sunglasses of this color is not easy to feel fatigue. Should try to avoid choosing yellow or red lenses.
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