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Are color-changing myopia glasses good?_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-22
Photochromic myopia glasses are myopic sunglasses. They are also called 'photochromic lenses' because they will change color when they encounter the ultraviolet rays of the sun. What about the color-changing myopia glasses? Compared with ordinary myopia glasses, what are the characteristics? Let's take a look at them together. Are color-changing myopia glasses good? Color-changing myopia glasses are a kind of myopic sunglasses. They use color-changing lenses, so the color of the lenses will be changed when encountering sunlight. Generally, gray, brown, and blue are the main colors, which are also the most suitable colors. However, currently on the market, there are only two kinds of color-changing films: gray and brown, and gray is used more often, because gray is a neutral color, and the color of objects that can be seen through the lens is relatively dim, and does not affect the original color. The most important thing is to play the role of shading, which is suitable for everyone indoors and outdoors. The advantages of color-changing myopia glasses The color-changing film is mainly when it encounters UV, that is, it will change color when it is exposed to ultraviolet light. As the UV is stronger, the color will be darker. Generally, when there is no UV, it will not change color. Therefore, color-changing myopia glasses can absorb the ultraviolet rays of the sun to a certain extent, so that the ultraviolet rays do not damage the health of the eyes. Color-changing myopia glasses is actually a combination of two functions of sunglasses and myopia glasses, which solves the trouble of myopia patients wanting to wear sunglasses. At the same time, it also has the function of blocking sunlight and correcting vision, so it is generally loved and favored by consumers. Although the color-changing myopia glasses have two functions at the same time, they change color very quickly when they encounter sunlight. Generally, they can be completely discolored within 30 years. state, so it will not have other effects on wearing. Although the color-changing myopia glasses combine the two functions of ordinary myopia glasses and sunglasses, its light transmittance and oxygen permeability are relatively poor, especially when worn indoors, it will increase eye fatigue and lead to vision loss. Moreover, color-changing myopia glasses are more expensive because they contain two functions.
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