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Are contact lenses good for myopia? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-20
Myopia contact lenses are also contact lenses with degrees. For myopic people and those who like to wear color lenses, myopia contact lenses truly meet their requirements, not only to wear beautifully, but also to correct Vision, things are clear and natural. And many people don't feel good about contact lenses for myopia with contact lenses. Let's learn about contact lenses with contact lenses for myopia. Color contact lenses can change the color of the eyes very well, can change, and can also increase the size of the eyes, which is very popular with MM. Brilliant and colorful colors and a variety of eye contact patterns make the eyes extremely beautiful. Many contact lenses for myopia do not require beautiful makeup to show the charm of the eyes. Although cosmetic contact lenses can correct myopia, not all myopia can be corrected. We see a lot of cosmetic lenses, generally with a higher correction degree of 800 degrees, and a few of them can reach 1000 degrees, let alone 1000 degrees. above. And because of the high requirements on the craftsmanship and equipment required for the production of such highly myopic lenses, many manufacturers do not accept customization. Generally speaking, for those with myopia of more than 600 degrees, when choosing contact lenses for myopia, it is better to choose a relatively short replacement cycle. This is because if the degree of myopia is relatively high, the edge of the lens will be relatively thicker, which will be uncomfortable to wear, and it will also affect the oxygen permeability of the lens. If it takes a long time, it is easy to cause eye inflammation. The general use cycle is shorter, more conducive to eye health. Color contact lenses are also color lenses, and the problems that color lenses have, they will also have contact lenses. The harm of beauty contact lenses naturally also exists in contact lenses for myopia. For those who wear contact lenses for myopia, contact lenses for myopia can be worn, but not for a long time.
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