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Are contact lenses really that dangerous? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-27
Although contact lenses are not as conspicuous as frame glasses, they are not stressful, and are very popular with most people. However, because it is in direct contact with the eyeball, if there is any problem with the contact lens, it will have a great impact on the eye. Let's take a look at the dangers of wearing contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses is attached to the cornea, which hinders the breathing of the eyes, and prolonged hypoxia will cause damage to the corneal cells, and if the eyes are hypoxic for a long time, the pressure will make the eyes more susceptible to infection. That is why many people who wear contact lenses are prone to eye diseases. Wearing contact lenses can cause corneal cell damage, some of which is irreversible. Although the thickness of the cornea is very thin, it can be divided into five layers according to the composition of cells. The inner layer, such as the endothelial cell layer, cannot regenerate after being damaged. After some damage, it will be covered by transparent fibrous tissue. Instead, a scar is formed. Wearing contact lenses will also reduce the density of corneal endothelial cells. When the density of corneal endothelial cells exceeds the 'warning line' of the cornea and its density is less than 800 per square millimeter, 'corneal endothelial cell decompensation' will occur, resulting in permanent corneal edema and Keratopathy, which can lead to severe blindness, requires a corneal transplant. In fact, even better contact lenses cannot reach the physiological environment of the eyeball, and the damage of contact lenses to the eyes is accumulated. Wearing contact lenses can also cause severe keratitis causing corneal ulcers and perforations. Moreover, because the cornea is seriously damaged, the irreparable elastic layer and stromal layer are damaged, so even if it recovers, it will leave a permanent scar and cause serious adverse effects on vision. Eye infection caused by wearing contact lenses is not only a simple cause of wear and tear, but more importantly, because the absorption of water and oxygen is blocked, metabolism cannot proceed normally, and the resistance of the eyes decreases, resulting in a decrease in the resistance of the corneal epithelium, causing eye bacteria. Infections, and contact lenses can also absorb protein in tears and other excreta, breed bacteria, and continue to affect the health of the eyes. The service of eye excretion cannot be discharged smoothly, and it will also cause toxic effects on the eyes and affect the health of the eyes.
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