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Are contact lenses really that dangerous? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-14
Since the advent of contact lenses, with their comfortable, convenient, and beautiful features, they have won the love of beauty. However, since contact lenses are medical products that directly contact the cornea, people who are online or who have worn contact lenses are all harmful to contact lenses. What are the hazards of contact lenses? Are they really that dangerous? Today, the editor will take everyone to find out. Compared with frame glasses, contact lenses can instantly brighten and enlarge your eyeballs, leaving your eyes moisturized and clear, which is very charming. However, contact lenses directly contact the eyeball, so it reduces the contact area of u200bu200bthe cornea and the outside world to a certain extent, and reduces the component of the corneal breathing oxygen. It will cause the cornea to be hypoxic and cause various eye diseases in the eye. Such as keratitis, conjunctivitis or corneal ulcers. From the perspective of the safety performance of wearing, contact lenses are medical products that are more harmful to the eyes. Although it can correct refraction and prevent ultraviolet rays or harmful glare from damaging the eyes, it reduces the resistance of the eyes and is easier to nourish bacteria or fungi, causing serious eye infections. It may cause a sharp decline in vision, even blindness and other undesirable phenomena. In addition, when wearing contact lenses, if there is no good care or scratches on the lens, the corrective performance of the lens will be lower, and the corrective effect of vision will be affected. In a sense, contact lenses are the same as frame glasses. They also have the ability to correct people with refractive errors, block ultraviolet rays or reflect and absorb infrared shapes, as well as harmful glare, etc., and comprehensively protect the eyes from the external environment. harm. But the hazard of contact lenses is that when they are worn, they will easily nourish bacteria, thereby reducing the resistance of the eyes to the outside world.
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