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Are daily disposable contact lenses better than annual ones? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-26
The market sales of contact lenses are still very high, and consumers are more aware of high-end contact lenses. There are a large number of different types of contact lenses, and they are all high-end brand products, the price is more favorable, and the price/performance ratio is also good. And the use cycle of contact lenses is different. Now many people start to buy daily disposable contact lenses, so is daily disposable contact lenses better than annual ones? Different use cycles of contact lenses Now the year-round contact lenses have daily, monthly, and quarterly throws, while long-cycle ones are generally semi-annual and annual. Because contact lenses are in direct contact with the eyes, after protein deposition, they are not suitable for long-term wear. So try to replace it properly, pay attention to the frequency of replacement of contact lenses, it does not mean that it is very durable, you can really replace it once a year. Which cycle of contact lenses is better There are many types of contact lenses, but from the perspective of hygiene and comfort, daily disposable contact lenses are actually better. These contact lenses are generally of higher water content and better comfort. Especially for some friends who often wear contact lenses, in fact, daily disposables are better, and the oxygen transmission rate is also higher. And if you buy contact lenses that are disposable every year, you need to take care of them every day, and if you wear them for a long time, it is definitely impossible to wear them directly for a full year. Generally, if you throw more than one year, you can only wear it for 10 months. Otherwise, there may be more protein precipitation, which will also affect our wearing comfort, and even there will be a foreign body sensation when wearing it. How to choose a suitable cycle We need different types of contact lenses, the cycle will also have a certain difference, and indeed the price is also different. It is true that the annual disposable contact lenses are more expensive, but because they are worn for a longer time, many people may choose them as the first choice. But if we want to wear contact lenses often, in fact, daily disposable contact lenses are also good, the price is favorable during the event, and the quality is guaranteed.
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