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Are eye drops good for eye protection? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-27
Many people with eye fatigue and some people with dry eyes will use eye drops to varying degrees, not to mention patients with eye diseases. Eye drops can relieve symptoms to a certain extent and protect the eyes, but some people rely on these eye drops for protecting the eyes and often carry them with them. Then, are eye drops for eye protection good? Get up and find out. Many people in life use health-care eye drops to relieve eye discomfort and protect eyes. Although they have a protective effect on the eyes in a short period of time, most eye drops have preservatives, so they rely on them for a long time. If used, preservatives can also harm the eyes. Moreover, even health-care eye drops can relieve symptoms to a certain extent. For example, moisturizing eye drops can make the eyes comfortable, and it is also very helpful for alleviating eye fatigue, but if you rely on it for a long time, it will destroy The physiological structure of the eyes will only aggravate the dryness of the eyes later. Some people with eye fatigue use an eye drops that constricts blood vessels, which can relieve conjunctival congestion, and the effect is quick, but this eye drops cannot be used for a long time, otherwise it will only aggravate the symptoms. Therefore, if you want your eyes to be good, do not rely on eye drops when the symptoms of your eyes are cured. Even if the eye drops are good, they are still inferior to the functions of the human body. Therefore, reasonable eye protection is very important. of. Especially for those with eye fatigue, pay attention to rest with the eyes properly. For patients with ophthalmological diseases, eye drops have the effect of curing ocular inflammation. In use, they should not be used in excess. If many eye drops are used in excess, adverse reactions will occur. In addition, long-term use of eye drops for the treatment of eye diseases will also develop drug resistance, and some can also cause other eye diseases such as glaucoma. Therefore, eye drops have a protective effect, but if they are too dependent, they will have adverse effects.
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