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Are flat mirrors harmful to the eyes? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-13
Flat glasses are glasses with no degree. Flat glasses have a wide range of functions in real life. Some people wear flat glasses for protection from radiation, wind and sand, etc., and some for decoration. Many people have different opinions on the quality of flat mirrors. Let’s take a look at whether flat mirrors are harmful to the eyes. Generally speaking, a good flat lens has no power, but some poor quality lenses have power. The general performance is that the edge of the lens will have power. If this power is within the error range, according to the international Convention and national standards, if the tolerance of the top focal power of the flat mirror is within plus or minus 12 degrees, it is ok, but if the error is relatively large, it will cause a visual deviation. If the error is greater, the wearer’s The greater the visual damage, so if you are buying a flat lens, it will be more reliable to go to an eyewear specialty store. Don't just buy it at a small stall. If it is a radiation-proof flat mirror, if the quality is better, it can prevent radiation to a certain extent, and to some extent it can alleviate eye fatigue, but don’t wear the flat mirror for a long time to look at the computer, because If it takes a long time, the eyes will still be tired. Polarized lenses generally have little effect on vision and will not cause changes in vision. Some people wear glasses and eyeballs are the result of the development of myopia, not the cause of glasses, so wearing flat glasses will not cause eyeballs. If it is for wearing flat glasses for aesthetics, you can wear non-lens glasses. Some flat glasses can prevent ultraviolet rays, radiation, and can protect glasses, and flat glasses can also prevent wind and sand, and can protect the eyes. But the prerequisite is that the flat lens must have high-quality optical performance, and the material of the lens is qualified, otherwise the inferior lens will only reduce the vision and aggravate the development of myopia.
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