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Are flat photochromic crystal glasses good?_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-14
Crystal glasses are one of the earlier types of glasses. As early as a long time ago, due to the inability to manufacture optical glass, crystal glasses were the better type of glasses at that time. Compared with other types of glasses, it is hard and brittle, which makes the lenses difficult to grind and difficult to process, so the price of crystal glasses is relatively expensive. However, for the flat color-changing crystal glasses, the original crystal glasses are only processed, so that the optical performance, comfort and safety of the glasses are better. So what about the flat light color-changing crystal glasses, let's take a look at it with the editor. Compared with ordinary crystal glasses, the flat photochromic crystal glasses are flat lenses, and they are lenses that will change when encountering strong light. It can't prevent myopia, it only has the effect of blocking wind and sand and beauty, and some can also prevent ultraviolet, or infrared, harmful blue light, and electromagnetic waves emitted by computers, TVs, and mobile phones. Under normal circumstances, flat light color-changing crystal glasses are commonly used for skiing, fishing and driving, and are a fashionable tool for protecting glasses. The main component of flat light color-changing crystal glasses is SiO2, which is a natural and transparent mineral, and its hardness is much larger than that of glass. In the design of the shape, the product concept is generous, beautiful and comfortable to wear, and it has the functions of protecting eyes, cooling and eliminating fire, and anti-inflammatory. Therefore, even if the price of flat light color-changing crystal glasses is relatively expensive, it has also been sought after by everyone. In addition, the major features of flat light color-changing crystal glasses are anti-radiation and anti-ultraviolet rays, which can better block the interference of certain radiation, so as to protect the eyes more effectively.
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