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Are moon lenses good?_Lens knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-06
Mingyue Lens researches and manufactures a series of lens products that are similar to human life according to human needs. The lens has a wide range of luminosity and a rich variety, which can meet the needs of different consumers. It also explains that Moon Lens strictly implements the national industry standards, and the quality of the lenses is guaranteed. How about Mingyue lenses, let's take a look together. The functional characteristics of Mingyue lenses are good, which is the opinion of the masses. Regardless of the series of lenses, they can meet the needs of consumers well and are trusted and supported by industry professionals. For example: Mingyue 1.552 green film lenses: 360-degree care for the health of the eyes, completely rejecting ultraviolet rays from entering the eyes. Using high-quality raw materials, combined with cash equipment and production technology, the product has excellent optical performance, stable quality, long-lasting and wear-resistant functions. The anti-ultraviolet ability reaches UV400, which reduces the damage to your eyes caused by strong ultraviolet rays during outdoor sports. The super hard film technology makes it difficult for stains and water droplets to stay on the surface of the lens. The smooth characteristic makes it easier to wipe the lens. Mingyue 1.552 aspherical resin lens: This lens is thin, clear, real, and has little distortion of the field of view. High-quality resin lenses made of imported materials. Coupled with the aspheric design, the vision is clearer and more natural. Super abrasion resistance. Due to the poor protection of the lens, the lens is easy to scratch. The super abrasion process makes the lens have super abrasion resistance. Mingyue 1.560 ultra-tough all-round lens: has a unique air impact ability, far exceeding ordinary resin lenses. It can also more effectively prevent damage to the eyes due to accidents during strenuous exercise. Its dispersion coefficient is as high as 47, which can reduce the phenomenon of 'rainbowIn addition, the light transmittance is above 97%, so that the eyes will not feel dizzy when worn for a long time, but comfortable. Bright moon lenses have strong impact resistance, light texture, abrasion resistance, radiation protection, UV protection, etc., which can better protect the eyes, relieve fatigue and stress, and provide humans with a different and clear vision experience.
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