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Are online glasses good?_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-05-01
Internet goggles, also called 'computer gogglesWith the rapid development of the Internet, computers and life have been closely linked, and computers are inseparable from work, study, or shopping. So, how about surfing glasses? Can surfing glasses protect against radiation? These are the topics that many consumers pay more attention to. So today I will take you to find out. The lenses of Internet goggles are generally flat lenses, that is to say, a kind of glasses with no diopter, which has no harmful effect on the eyes. Because the general Internet glasses are made by the world's more advanced vacuum ion coating technology, they can block the electromagnetic radiation from the computer to a certain extent. At the same time, it has the function of penetrating and absorbing different harmful light, which can resist reflection and glare, so that the wearer has a clearer vision. Internet glasses can absorb a variety of harmful light in a limited space and interfere with the radiation of electromagnetic waves. Because of this type of glasses, some compounds are added to the material of the lens, and the lens is processed by an advanced coating process, so that the lens can produce different wavelengths, absorb or reflect electromagnetic waves from the outside, so as to achieve the effect of preventing radiation . At the same time, the high-efficiency protective lenses of the Internet goggles greatly increase the light transmittance and refractive index of the lenses, and to a certain extent increase the visual contrast, which truly reduces visual fatigue, prevents visual loss, and prevents electromagnetic wave radiation. So that the wearer can use various electronic products clearly and safely. The lenses of Internet goggles are transparent and have no diopter. Wearing them and using a computer can truly achieve clear and natural visual effects. At the same time, it can also filter out the ultraviolet blue light that causes macular degeneration and cataract formation to a certain extent, and it really protects the eyes from the damage of the computer and external strong light.
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