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Are plastic sunglasses good? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-19
In some stalls on the street, you can see some plastic sunglasses, and some underground shopping malls also sell plastic sunglasses. For these plastic sunglasses, some consumers are not very clear about what they are. Let's learn about plastic sunglasses. . Although some street-side sunglasses are cheap, they do not provide UV protection at all, and even damage the eyes. The lenses of many plastic sunglasses are plastic sheets of various colors, and the light transmittance is not very good. The lenses cannot protect against ultraviolet rays, and because the light transmittance is reduced, the pupils of the eyes are enlarged, and harmful light will enter the eyes. more harmful. Especially for children, the damage to the eyes is even greater, which seriously affects the health of vision. Because the lens is only made of ordinary plastic, the hardness is not enough, it is easy to break, and the potential damage to the eyes is relatively large. The impact resistance of plastic frames is also relatively poor. If you are a person who is active, you should be careful with sunglasses with plastic frames, because plastic frames are easy to break. The main purpose of choosing sunglasses is to prevent ultraviolet rays and other functions. From the point of view of eye health, be sure to choose a regular place to buy. The price of sunglasses is also very favorable. The main thing is that the functions and materials of the sunglasses have detailed descriptions, and the quality is guaranteed. There are dozens of chain stores across the country, and the credibility is high. There are also ways to choose sunglasses. In addition to choosing a regular optical shop, how to choose sunglasses also needs to look at the function of the sunglasses. Now there are many types of sunglasses, and you can choose what you need in a targeted manner, which can better meet your personal needs. demand. In addition, the color of the lens is also very important. Different colors have different filtering effects on light. Generally speaking, brown lenses will filter better. What color is good for sunglasses, you need to choose according to different occasions.
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